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A tropical hardwood deck is not only an elegant way to add to your home, it is also insuring that your deck will last for many years to come. Unfortunately, many hardwood decks are placed on beams such as treated pine. This is not only exposing you and your loved ones to unnecessary chemicals, but this means that your beams will rot before your deck, resulting in your deck shifting and becoming unstable. We have various options available for your deck depending on the environmental conditions you will be building. If your deck is boarding a creek or river, we have posts and beams that naturally withstand the moisture without the need for chemicals.

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Decking options are endless. There are lighter shades of timber as well as darker shades. A clear oil is mostly used on tropical hardwood decking to bring out the natural coloring, however, some may choose to leave the wood to grey naturally. This does not compromise the durability of the product, it just allows it to turn a beautiful natural grey.

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